Special Accounts.

Made for every generation of members.

Special Accounts

We know that life is unique for everyone and you may require an account outside the everyday savings account. When that happens, reach out to us. We may have a special account to fit your needs. These special types of accounts are often subject to State or Federal regulations and necessary documentation will be required to open the account. 

If you have questions on a specific type of account, please contact us by phone or text at 518.324.5700 option 1 or by email at memberservices@ufirstfcu.net. Our team will help you find what you need! 

UTMA Custodial Account

Jumpstart your child's savings with a UTMA Account.

A Uniform Transfer to Minors Account (UTMA) is officially in the name of the child; however, as the custodian, you will have complete control of the account until the child becomes an adult. Before the child becomes an adult, the custodian may spend funds in the account for educational or any purposes that benefit the child. Then once the child reaches 18-21 years old (depending on state law), they will have the right to any remaining funds in the account.  

Required Docs to open: 
  • Required Information of the Custodian
  • Child's SSN
  • Valid Identification of Custodian & Child

Ready to open a UTMA Account? Email us to schedule your appointment.

Representative Payee Account (Social Security)

Representative Payee accounts are managed by a Social Security Administration appointed designee for the benefit of another person. These accounts can be opened as savings, checking or money market account. 

Required Docs to Open: 
  • Valid Identification for SSA beneficiary and Representative Payee
  • SSN for beneficiary and Representative Payee
  • Proof of address for Representative Payee
  • Official letter from Social Security Administration naming Representative Payee for the beneficiary

Ready to open an Rep Payee Account? Email us to schedule your appointment.

Estate Account

What do you do when a loved one passes away?

Estate accounts are opened after someone has passed away and where the Executor/Executrix/Administrator deposits the deceased person's money to pay the remaining debts of the deceases member's estate and may be used to distribute remaining funds to the person(s) entitled. Once the estate is settled, usually within a year or two, the estate account must be closed. 

Required Docs to Open: 
  • Required Information on Estate (Name, Address, Tax Identification Number of Estate)
  • IRS Reporting - Estate EIN
  • Valid Identification on Personal Representative
  • Certified Death Certificate
  • Court Appointed Letters of Administration or Letters of Testamentary. 

Ready to open an Estate Account? Email us to schedule your appointment. 



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